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AVALON - Web Portal

Avalon is a complete web solutions for Business Institute. It's centerlize all branches data that helps to save time, money and infrastructure. There are various panels for Admin and Non Admin staff as per their permissions to manage major and minor task. It is fully integrated, self decesion making, unique, user friendly software which is designed as a complete solution for training institute. It's an most simple and sucure educational software for any level of institutes /training centres.

The objective of Microweb's Avalon Software is to give comprehensive view that provides complete control that allows you to keep a track of inside all activities and pushes the staff to execute their work on time and in proper manner

Avalon managing Trainee Registration, Course Chooser, Auto Fee Calculator, Fee Management, Enquiry Management, Batches, Lectures Monitoring, Talent Search Engine, Placement Management, Attendance, Online Practice Test, Results Analysis, Syllabus Management, Course Scheduler, Payroll, Distribution Management, Expense Management etc. It will keep your data secure with SSL encryption, dual authentication password-protection. Panel are categorized as below:

  • Admin Panel
  • Sales Panel
  • Staff Panel
  • Business Report
  • Online Test
  • Trainee Panel


  • Customized graphical branch wise dashboard
  • Available all branch business info on single screen
  • Can generate graphs on the basis of request
  • Dashboard can be accessed 24 x 7
  • Any non-technical staff can also utilize this as its user friendly

Trainee Management

  • Login and Registration of Trainee
  • Wide range of technologies selections
  • Auto fee calculation and installments with details
  • All default info sets ie. Weight, default performance score
  • Batch assign and transfer facility with all level of branches

Fee Management

  • Auto Course Fee calculation with NOS and due dates
  • Fee installments submission notifications
  • Accepts all payment methods
  • Weekly, monthly detailed report for branch and head office

Batch Management

  • Batch created with its covering technologies
  • Assign the batch to trainee with transfer facility
  • Trainee syllabus completion ratio is calculated based on batch covering ratio with all validations
  • Assignation of responsibilities for mentoring the batch can be predefined
  • More then one batch can be assigned to one trainee

Syllabus Management

  • Technologies are divided into topics and subtopics
  • Each subtopics has its own weight and delivery time
  • Batch wise lecture auto schedule facility
  • Get updates course completion ratio any time during training
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Attendance Management

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Feedback Management

    ... ...

Expense Management

    ... ...

Stock Management

    ... ...

Talent Search Engine

  • It search the most talented candidates on requested number
  • Used to get top candidates to schedule for interview

Enquiry Management

  • Deals are catagoried in HP,AP and LP and even Hot deal
  • Individual and excel submission for new followups
  • Follow up with auto system alert
  • Enquiry catagories through star rating and display followup graph
  • Enquiry ownership can be trasfer to lead or in team
  • Complete tracking of each request in sales closely

Online Test

  • Facility to create Scholarship test, Written test, Class test and Exam papers
  • All test can be catagories in three level of difficulties
  • Time can be catagories paper wise or modules wise
  • Objective and subjective can be organized in a automated way
  • Auto paper and modules submission facility
  • Break facility between modules during examination
  • Access to the examination result and analysis

Lecture Monitoring

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Placement Management

    ... ...

Staff Management

    ... ...

Leave Management

    ... ...

Payroll Management

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