Microweb Systems - Corporate Training in Noida


We are providing corporate & Industrial training in various IT technologies with aspire to educate and express various facets of decorum required as an international status to the company. As the technologies growing day by day, many professionals are passionate about their values and want to be updated on latest market technologies but it is essential to update your skills that will truly be a reflection of inner strength and also a way to picture yourself to attain more pursuits in your career. Imparting training is a specialized job and it is with a lot of zest and passion that people in our organization are making it happen. It will be wonderful for you to understand that our programs are innovative and structured as per industry requirement.

It is always required to keep the communication open so that our professional standards are always maintained. What is a corporate training ? This is a question that is often used but for us it means raising the bar of performance. We have formulated information based on real life news in the corporate world and hence a platform of choices is now put before you and you can choose a package that will suit your profile. For new joiners our training modules are also the best ones. We cater to a wide range of needs like technical, communication, stress management, etiquettes, interpersonal relationships and our consultants come with a wide experience in the corporate process. It has been our endeavour at Microweb Systems to bring about positive and effective changes in the employee's behavior and attitude through various Corporate Training Workshops, Soft Skills and Team Building sessions etc.

Our Behavioural Training Workshops are not only generic in nature but also specifically to the core of an individual employee. This we achieve through various psychometric tests and behavioural training Activities thereby confronting the individuals in the subtle manner and helping them. We will cover all below points during our training programs:

  • Responsibility Taking Perception (Motivation)
  • Enhancing Voice power and Clarity
  • Vocabulary & Pronunciation
  • Confidence Building Measures
  • Customer Understanding and Customer relation Style
  • Developing Effective Communication
  • Motivation Criticism
  • Developing Effective Listening
  • Body Language
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Building
  • Interview Skills